You have forever transformed my experience! I have been very pleased with the few times I have practiced TRE at home. It seems to bring me some clarity and relaxation. I am working on creating a daily ritual.


San Francisco, CA

I really enjoyed the class at Esalen. I felt much more alive after the class and also thought that the way you conducted the class was very helpful for someone like me who has a difficult time being spontaneous in classes/workshops… Your direction made me feel comfortable expressing myself with movement, whereas usually I feel very uncomfortable moving/dancing, etc.


San Diego, CA

I so appreciate having learned this simple practice from Brooke. I was amazed at how Brooke invited me to touch in to some core trauma in my first TRE class with her, and in a subsequent practice session. Her gentle and supportive presence helped create a field in which everyone in the group felt safe enough to go so deep, touching in to places some of us had not been able to access for decades.


Berkeley, CA

For the past 10-15 years, my hips have been tilted by about 1 inch, which has caused a lot of problems with balance, my low back, my reproductive organs, and numerous other things big & small. I went to the mirror and checked on my suspicions. The crest of my hips are now even. I am continuing to do the exercises. I believe that once my hips have finished their releasing & resetting, then my quads will be willing to go, but I get the distinct impression that my quads have no intention of releasing until my hips are in better shape, as the quads have apparently been my crutch for quite a while. I have a little bit of muscle fatigue and pain, but a good pain & MORE THAN WORTH IT!

Honestly, I have had some pretty incredible experiences with massage, energy work & deep tissue, but I don’t think I have ever had so much relief in such a short period of time, with something so un-invasive.

I am a believer & a fan!! Thank You!


Richmond, CA

Thank you for teaching the TRE class at Esalen! It was something I’d never heard about before, and everyone I’ve spoke to about it has never heard of it either. There was nothing I didn’t like about your class. You have a very unique, light, and loving presence; and it makes a big difference in how the class feels. In the short time we had in class, I felt I’d released a lot of old but familiar feelings.


Irvine, CA

TRE class was excellent!


Trauma Movement Class with Brooke offered a subtle release of energy that was transformative.


Brooke was fantastic teaching Bioenergetics. Her playful manner was a hoot! Please invite her back.


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