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Individual Sessions

Brooke offers individualized private sessions at her office in El Cerrito.  Learn TRE with one-to-one individualized attention or bring a friend for a two-person session.  For more information:  brooke@brookedeputy.com or 510 705 -1775

Explore the nature of stress and trauma and learn the seven simple exercises, and experience tension release from TRE!  People report after only one session they sleep better, have less anxiety, feel more relaxed and/or have relief from daily aches and pains.  Come and join a  group to learn and  allow your bodies to relax with TRE®


Introduction to Tension/Trauma  Release Exercise TRE®


Sunday, June 30, 1:30 – 4:00pm

Ojas Yoga Center El Cerrito 


Come explore and experience an easy set of exercises that lead to a gentle shaking in the body.  Yes, shaking! ..  These neurogenic tremors release held contractions in the body and result in relaxation, less anxiety and better sleep.  This is a self-help technique that can be used at home.  

Fee:  $55 by June 25; $65 after 

(If space available, those who have learned TRE previously $35 — available after 6/25) 

for more information, please contact Brooke @ 510 705 1775.  

brookedeputy@gmail.com or 510 705 1775


For more information , please contact

brookedeputy@gmail.com or call  510-705-1775

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